DC Emulator


The DC Emulator (DCE) is a wideband highly dynamic DC source and load capable of emulating dynamic, complex bidirectional loads for power system and component development and testing. Originally developed for the US Air Force for Hardware in the Loop (HIL) testing to emulate large switching and regenerative loads on aircraft and to study their effect on the power system as a whole, the DCE’s capabilities and flexibility redefine the standard for development and test facility equipment.

dc emulator

Modes of Operation

  • Selectable operating modes
    • Load (CC, CR, CC, and CV)
    • Source (low impedance)
    • Source (high dV/dt)
  • Selectable interface options
    • Analog (<10uS latency)
    • CAN (10mS update)
    • Fiber (<1uS latency)


  • Vehicle Energy System and Component Test
  • Electric, Hybrid-Electric, and Fuel-Cell Vehicles
  • More Electric Aircraft
  • HIL for Dynamic High-Power Source-Load Emulation
  • Battery Testing and Cycling
  • Generating Controlled Noise and Ripple on DC Power Systems
  • DC Microgrid Testing
  • Energy Storage Charging & Testing
  • Fuel Cell, Ultra Capacitors, Flywheels
  • Power Generation Equipment